Monday, November 27, 2006

To vote or not to vote

In Friday's Chicago Sun-Times, Jay Mariotti says it's time sportswriters stopped voting for awards of any kind -- MVP, Hall of Fame, anything. In Newsday on Sunday, Jim Baumbach writes about writers and editors on both sides of the debate.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jemele Hill debuts

Old and bitter vs. young and open-minded lightning rod Jemele Hill has written her debut column for

Predictably, a thread was been started on, and it's expanding with record-breaking speed. And predictably, it not only addresses the merits of her first column but takes more shots at her personally.

UPDATE: Subsequently, it was not even locked with record-breaking speed. It was taken down altogether. So the link I had above is gone.

I think we need more Jemele Hills stirring things up in this business, but of course that's not going to fly with with the increasingly grumpy sportswriting establishment, many of whom are simply jealous over the opportunity she has gotten and the money she's making but who, of course, would never admit that.

Their denial doesn't make it less so.