Friday, March 16, 2007 sports editor dies

William C. Grant, sports editor of, dies at 53 from melanoma. He was known as an extremely hard worker who loved his job, the obituary says.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Courant's Alan Greenberg dies

Alan Greenberg, a highly respected -- and beloved in the business -- writer for the Hartford Courant has died at 55 of an apparent heart attack.

There's a thread with a lot of shocked posters here on

Borges suspended for two months

The Boston Globe has suspended veteran writer Ron Borges for two months without pay after passages from a Tacoma writer's story appeared almost identically in a football notes column by Borges. It's the natural progression in the always slippery practice of notes exchanges. Dan Shanoff says that practice should be ended, and me makes a good point; in the print-only days, there might have been some value to readers in such exchanges, but these days, when anybody can read anything on the Internet, what's the point? And here's Deadspin on the whole mess.