Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Using "I" in a feature

Sorry I've been so slow to update here. Kind of still trying to get into the groove. Today at, one of the discussions is whether it's generally appropriate to use the first person in a feature story. Predictably, there are some who say never, some who say occasionally, etc.

I've come around on "I" columns and features in the past few years. While I think they can be poorly done, I also can think of examples where they work, and I certainly think "I" is better than some of the alternatives some try to get away with ("this writer," "this reporter" are two examples I find to be particularly ponderous).

As usual, I continue to think "rules" that confine sports writing -- a completely unique kind of writing and reporting, despite what some would tell you -- are more dangerous than helpful. And that the people most celebrated in this corner of the business are the ones who dare to break these "rules" all the time.

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