Friday, July 01, 2005

Back from a trip

Yeah, yeah, I know I've promised to be a little more regular about updating this site. And I'm going to keep trying. Just got back from six days away, though, and didn't look at it at all, I admit.

The most interesting thing going on now is the discussion sparked by Garry Howard's comments that it's OK, as sports editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, to "root" for success for a home team -- because it makes a better story.

I actually agree with him in some sense -- covering a good team can make the work a bit more fun and interesting -- although I wish he would have said it a little less, well, rootily.

Milton Kent of the Baltimore Sun says it's basically not something to agree with at all, and I understand the point he's making, too.

So there I go again, taking a forceful stand.

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