Monday, November 07, 2005

The Times and the Dodgers

A guy named Matt Welch takes Bill Plaschke and T.J. Simers to task in a guest column in yesterday's Times. Welch has never been very happy with them, particularly Plaschke. He doesn't really give a lot of detail concerning why they were really wrong about the management of the club by Paul DePodesta, though.

He calls the columnists "value subtracting." Considering the rip job, this passage is kind of odd:

"The worst part isn't that the columnists' complaints about DePodesta are wrong, it's that they're often right. (Or at least, that I agree with them.) The young GM was painfully lacking in people-management skills and made a bunch of questionable moves."

Welch is an editor for Reason magazine and has a website,

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A Lakers Fan said...

I am a lakers fan, and I completely agree with Welch about Simers. Simers is value subtracting, and moronic. In fact, I am starting a log and a petition explicitly for getting Simers fired and am going to put some of my own hard earned cash up to advertise on Google. Check out: