Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Saying goodbye to Shav

T.J. Simers writes his Christmas Day column about retiring L.A. Times auto racing writer Shav Glick. A very nice piece about an old-school newspaper guy -- but also a bit sad on one front. When asked what he'd tell an aspring young journalist, he replied: "Get out of the newspaper business." And this from a guy, Simers notes, who wouldn't be retiring if his health would allow him to continue.


Mike said...

I have a question that I don't want to come off in a condescending way, rather I'd like a straight answer to:
When sports journalists -- or just journalists in general -- say after a long career, "Don't get into newspapers/journalism", when did they come to that conclusion?
It cannot be that they've suddenly realized at the end of their career that life has spun past them because they were too busy writing about other people.
At what point do they realize that their career got in the way of them having a life? If they realized this long ago yet chose to stay in journalism, what did they tell themselves to allow them to stay in the business?

(P.S. Great blog, by the way.)


Hi, Mike...

I think Shav, like others in the business these days, are looking at all the cutbacks and downsizing and emphasis on profit margin and just kind of deciding that the fun days of being in the business might be coming to an end.

Thanks for the kind words on the blog. I need to be better about updating it in 2006.