Thursday, December 04, 2008

Robert Jelenic dies at 58

There's a post on concerning his passing, and fairly enough, they have asked for respect with regard to his death from cancer. I won't comment here, either. Instead, I'll let Alan Mutter describe what the problem was with Journal Register Co. in this April blog post, which has plenty of links to other stories and an extraordinary comment thread at the end.


Anonymous said...

The guy was an evil bastard. His death doesn't suddenly change that. When there is an entire blog ( devoted to an insignificant jerk like that, you know the guy is awful.


Yeah, I agree. I think if you really feel strongly about not maligning the dead, this is the ultimate case of "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

rknil said...

A Jehovah's Witness friend once questioned why I wouldn't speak poorly of a dead person.

Religion aside, Bob Jelenic was an evil hellhound. Does anyone REALLY believe that he wouldn't still be tormenting staffers if he were healthy and alive?

I won't say anyone deserved to die, but his illness and passing did spare a lot of people a lot of grief. Hate to break this, but there are people in positions of power who haven't done a good thing in quite a while.

Today's journalists are too cowering and gutless to stand up to them, though. Instead, they post anonymously and gutlessly at poorly moderated sites like or Gannett Blog. They think that somehow this will lead to change.