Monday, April 06, 2009

What I'd do different in newspapers

This is how I'd approach it. Not much to add right here.


rknil said...

"And giving them eight columns of information they can find in 500 other places makes no sense."

Most dim, bitter sportswriters today are about exactly that. They simply put in the same one year of experience 20-25 times.

For example, the Pantagraph gave us the recent column about how Opening Day for baseball and the NCAA title game blend into the GREATEST SPORTS DAY EVER.

I don't dispute the point, but how many times has that been written? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Why write it again?

The answer, of course, is laziness.


Those theme stories over and over again, every year, are indeed tiresome.

And I'm really starting to crusade, in our shop, against stories about athletes dedicating seasons to their recently deceased moms or dads or best friends from the old neighborhood. My local paper does those all the time, and they really need to get away from that formula.

rknil said...

We agree on something. First time ever.

sheron said...

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rknil said...

By the way, you sound completely clueless when you reply to the Indy Star's juvenile illustration with the old, tired claim of: "Newspapers lost their guts when they banned booze and cigarettes."

Completely. F-ing. Clueless.

The problems, of course, originated when designers were allowed to claim the jobs were too hard and that their way was better. Ever since then, circulation and credibility have plummeted.

The solution, of course, is to fire a lot of editors. Then make the point that starting right this second, things will be completely different. Anyone who is unable and/or unwilling to generate and process content above all else can either quit or be fired.

No pages would ever again be submitted for pointless SND contests. Reading an SND manual while on the clock would be a firing offense.

Hil said...

Well the latest trend in my country is Racism in sports, which I suppose is not a bad thing the idea of sports is to come together in a "friendly" contest held in a game not to start incorporating other things into it.