Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yep, I'm still here

Visual evidence that I left back in 2009 to the contrary, I'm still around. This blog hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, and the thing is, I've been getting email interest in this blog, including one a couple of days ago. So I'm going to start trying to reactivate this page and seeing if I can make it worthwhile to read. Stay tuned to see if I can pull it off.

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rknil said...

I realize you don't update this blog frequently, and no one comes here, but I wanted to respond to one of the shots you fired from the home of the anonymous, gutless wonders who can't be bothered to back accusations with facts.

Implying that I don't see gray areas is ludicrous, especially coming from someone who lives at a site where the majority of the posters are too dumb/selectively ignorant even to comprehend a gray area.

That being said, it's true I don't much care for shortcuts like the ones Romenesko apparently took for far too long. I say apparently because I have to take Poynter's word for it.

But implying that someone is "a professional grump" for backing some sort of standard only proves you and many in journalism would be out of your league in any industry that actually requires some sort of reasonable performance.

I watched for years as people pissed around and did as little as possible. In some cases, I did push for some change, but there were too many people in other positions who worked to defend the C-minus, non-performers. Basically they were going to hire people who didn't make them feel dumb, and then somehow those of us in the middle management ranks were supposed to get them to succeed. Bad plan. Bad results. Very frustrating, and much more stressful than the job should have been.

Of course, you and the peanut gallery will somehow twist that into a criticism so you can keep the tennis match going. I don't much care, precisely because as I said before, many of you in the journalism ranks have been allowed to be lazy thinkers for far too long.

In the future, you should grow a pair and put a name behind a criticism. It's tough to respect someone who hides in the shadows because he can't take the heat.