Friday, April 14, 2006

Blogger wants baseball credentials

Gabe Stein of has started a movement called MLB Fair Press saying that baseball should open its credentialing process to 'legitimate blogging.' As blogs gain stature, it will be interesting to see how MLB handles this can of worms; press boxes have fixed seating, so where do you cut off which blogs can get access and which can't? I have a feeling they'll keep the door closed for now, petitions and letters and e-mails not withstanding.

And, of course, has weighed in.


Anonymous said...

Why should MLB do that?


I'm not really saying they should. I'm saying they're going to have to figure out which bloggers, if any, they'll give access to and which they won't. And that might be a protracted process.

Press box space isn't infinite. To let anybody who asks in isn't practical.