Friday, April 14, 2006

Uh-oh ...

The Sports Journalism Summit, which I'm really now regretting not attending, is producing a running blog, and this is one of the entries, by Poynter's Meg Martin:

"I ran into this blog as I searched for old-school sports stories yesterday. I don't know who the blogger is -- he or she is identified only as "SWE_Blogger," but it's called Sports Writing and Editing, and looks to be a great resource for -- yes -- sports writers and editors."

With a link, of course.

This is a good "uh-oh," actually. I'm not nearly as diligent about updating this blog as I probably should be; when something hits me over the head, I'll take five minutes during a break at work to link to it, but that's about it. I hope those postings are helpful, as well as the links down the right side (speaking of which, feel free to use the e-mail address on the right if you have a sports journalism, or simply sports, site you'd like me to link to).

But when I get through with an expected technological upgrade at home, I intend to be a little more involved on a daily basis, and this notice will help to jumpstart me.

I'll also start checking the address a little more regularly -- daily? -- to see thoughtful responses like the one I got concerning the Krieger item just below this one.

So keep items coming, and I'll be a little more responsive as well. And thanks for the interest.

And Meg, for the record, I'm a "he" and have been in the news business in one form or another since 1977.

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