Monday, May 01, 2006

'Sports as Soap Opera'

Mark Galli, in Christianity Today, of all places, laments the fact that in many papers, the game story is no longer about the game. It's an interesting take, since "conventional wisdom" in 2006 is that readers already know about the game when they get to their morning papers, so we need to go beyond the on-field action to give them something new. Galli argues the opposite.


M. Joseph said...

Galli, and a few other CT magazine editors, write a column on sports called, "Play Ball." You can access the collection of features here:

Play Ball

M. Joseph said...

Mark's latest column went online this morning, and it's essentially, "Sports As Social Integration." But, he preferred to name it...

Bowling Alone No More
A stealth revolution in attitude may be brewing.