Monday, June 26, 2006

More on ... you guessed it ...

Well, this Guillen/Mariotti thing isn't going away anytime soon, obviously.

Rick Telander weighs in on his Sun-Times colleague in this column, which Jason Whitlock describes on as "Telander knocks out Mariotti." As you'd expect, a lively debate is ensuing on several threads on that site.

Meanwhile, Mariotti's father rather eloquently comes to his defense in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review -- whether you agree or not is another matter, particularly since he never addresses the key point about whether Jay should at least show up at the ballpark now and then.

After vacation and then not generally having much to post about for most of June, things have certainly livened up.

By the way, with DSL/cable finally going to go into my condo sometime soon, I'm hoping to keep this site more relevant on a daily basis. We shall see, of course.

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