Sunday, June 25, 2006

Morrissey on Mariotti/Guillen

Rick Morrissey writes in the Chicago Tribune about the Jay Mariotti-Ozzie Guillen business. He correctly notes that if you're going to rip somebody, you have a professional obligation to show up in that clubhouse or locker room now and then, preferably sooner than later.


Sean said...

I see both sides here. I admit that I am leaning more towards Ozzie here, but Jay makes a good point. If a Reviewer writes a bad article on a restaurant, is it the writer’s job to show up the next day at the restaurant and face the chef?

Anonymous said...

In general, a food critic who physically identifies him or herself publicly -- for whatever reason -- risks harming the integrity of future reviews.

So showing up the next day to chat with the chef is out.

No such impediments exist for Jay. In fact, he's far from incognito.